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Kamakhya Mandir Jyotish Snastha

कामाख्या मंदिर 51 शक्तिपीठों में से एक है । कहा जाता है कि यहां सति देवी का योनि भाग गिरा था । यही वजह है कि यह मंदिर सति देवी की योनि का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है । तांत्रिकों की देवी कामाख्या देवी की पूजा भगवान शिव के नववधू के रूप में की जाती है , जो कि मुक्ति को स्वीकार करती है और सभी इच्छाएं पूर्ण करती है । काली और त्रिपुर सुंदरी देवी के बाद कामाख्या माता तांत्रिकों की सबसे महत्वपूर्ण देवी है । और कामाख्या मंदिर के सर्वश्रेष्ठ गुरु है विक्रम शास्त्री जी जो आपको आपके जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से छुटकारा दिलवा सकते है और अगर आप भी अपनी समस्या को दूर करना चाहते है तो तुरंत संपर्क करे

ईन समस्याओं के समाधान के लिए तुरंत समपर्क करे कारोबार नौकरी शादी सन्तान प्रेम वशीकरण पढाई पती पत्नी में अनबन ग्रह क्लेश शौतन दुश्मन से छुटकारा किया कराया ब्लेक मैजिक वशीकरण कोर्ट कचेरी से छुटकारा किया कराया कुन्डली मिलना आदि सभी समस्याओं का 72 घन्टे में 100% गारन्टी है समाधान की

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क्या पति या पत्नी ने आपको छोड़ दिया है।

क्या प्रेमी या प्रेमिका ने आपको BLOCK कर दिया है।

क्या आप अपनी प्रेमी या प्रेमिका को वापस लाना चाहते हैं?

क्या आप अपनी सौतन या दुश्मन से छुटकारा पाना चाहते हैं?

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About Astrologer Astro Divesh Raj Guruji

Astro Divesh Raj Guruji has started astrological services at a very young age. He was having an interest in this since his childhood as he belongs to a Brahmin family it was not tough for him to learn astrology. Thus from a very young age, he started practicing astrology. Till now he has done many predictions and his work is popular around the world. People prefer to take his suggestions so to keep things better. His remedies are always worth it.

Astro Divesh Raj Guruji is an expert on subjects of human life including relationships, love life, marriage, progeny, choice of education and career, luck in politics, troubles, and rise in the profession, problems of health, finance, real estate, success in business, industry, profession or self-employment, litigation loss/gain of money and much more.

He is proficient in dealing with the problem like:

Get Your Love Back
Love Marriage Solution
Husband Wife Dispute
After marriage problems
Childless issues
And many more problems which could be dealt with with his guidance. Thus consulting Astro Divesh Raj Guruji is very important. He is one who helps you to understand how to handle your troubles. So, end your troubles now with his genuine consultation.

love marriage problem solution vashikaran

May 6, 2023 By astroguruji 0
love marriage problem solution vashikaran

love marriage problem solution vashikaran The relationship between husband and wife is a sacred relationship and it is very important for both of them to understand the importance and meaning of marriage. Marriage completely rests on love, faith, and trust.

The journey of marriage is full of ups and downs. When the husband and wife do not agree on any one solution, then there is an argument. Sometimes aggressive arguments turn into fights which cause a rift in the relationship

husband wife dispute problem
The problem of husband-wife dispute is not only the matter of husband and wife but it has also disturbed the life of both the families and their children. It often happens that children have to bear the brunt of the quarrels between husband and wife. In case of separation of husband and wife, the…
[21:05, 4/20/2023] Kamal Ji N: Not every married couple is lucky enough to have a happy married life. There are various marital discords that make their life difficult and challenging. Their married life becomes tense and stressful which has an impact on the lives of the children as well. It is hard to give children a happy and healthy environment to grow up in. The family environment is not good, so no other member of the family can be happy. So, it is very important to solve the issues and make everyone’s life happy. love marriage problem solution vashikaran

If your married life is not happy then it is always advised to consult a marriage problem solution specialist astrologer. You can also avail of the service of detailed horoscope matching, ask questions related to your life, future marriage life predictions, and detailed marriage reports along with solutions for a successful matrimonial match. love marriage problem solution vashikaran

marriage life problems and solutions
Problems faced by married couples – Most common problems faced by couples in married life are

financial issues or money problems
childlessness issues or childcare issues
Daily stress due to workload or other family matters
Poor communication with partner due to busy schedule
Bad behavior of partner or use of abusive words
neglect one’s own life
Interference of family members in personal matters
sex differences
trying to change each other’s nature
lack of attention or appreciation for good work
spending more time on social media
trust issues or selfish behavior
losing your temper and yelling at your partner over silly things
unrealistic expectations from the partner
push your limits
Lack of privacy, dishonesty, etc.
Below are the remedies to remove marriage-related problems
Communicate properly with your partner and clear all your doubts
Stop heated arguments and take a break from bickering with each other
Never go against each other because you are a team and take decisions together
Respect your partner and try to understand their point of view
worship lord Vishnu
There is a healthy approach to every problem so focus on that. Obstacles are very common in marriage, so do not blame your partner for everything. You have to be patient and together try to solve your problem peacefully. love marriage problem solution vashikaran

married life future prediction by astrology
According to astrology, problems arise in marriage due to the position of planets in the birth chart of the spouse. If the seventh house of the native is weak then the bond between the husband and wife will also be weak and the couple may not understand each other’s point of view. If the second house is affected then it causes problems in the family which also affects the life of the couple. If the fourth house is affected, then there can be a quarrel or domestic violence between husband and wife. The bad position of the fourth house or fourth house is not good for a happy married life. If the lord of the 12th house is in the 8th, 6th, or 7th house then there is a problem in marriage. love marriage problem solution vashikaran

Remedies for problems in married life
Consult our expert astrologer for effective astrological remedies for marriage problems, marriage-related problems, and marriage problems. His remedies are very powerful and well-tested and have changed the lives of many people as well. If you are facing any problems then contact him to improve your relationship. Love marriage problem solution vashikaran

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